Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The art of (dis-)harmony: C(H)OEURS

The art of (dis-)harmony: C(H)OEURS So today I went to Carré for the first time and got the total vertigo experience, to see this dance/orchestra/opera-choir piece: C(H)OEURS, by Alain Platel and Les ballets C to B. I have to say Carré's super scary gallery seats does make the cheapest ticket worthwhile, if you are not afraid of the height of course. But even someone like me, who have a serious problem with the arena style gallery, still managed to forget the height when the show started.
It was awkward in the first 20 minutes. Even with all my brain cells try to make sense out of it, I still find it difficult to conclude everything with a clear concept. However it is a very interesting piece, and gives you a sweet feeling afterward. The art of it, lies exactly at the play between harmony and disharmony, the unity and individuality. As the title has already suggested, choirs (choeurs) can only be constructed with all hearts (coeurs) singing together.
All hearts are the same yet different, and only with different individuals and their different personality the true harmony can be achieved. The choir, the dancers and orchestra, each plays a role in it and each of them tries its best to be unique and even to overtake others' territory (and therefore to be disharmonious). The moving is awkward, sometimes even rigid. The choir chat loudly at the back. But somehow in the end, they all become the indispensable parts of the great harmony. And a very joyful one.

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